Strategic Plan

Registered in 1952, Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO) is a national membership  Non-Governmental  Organization.  It  seeks  to  unify,  nurture  and empower women socially, economically and politically to be able to deal with the unique challenges that face them in society.

For the almost six decades that MYWO has worked in Kenya, it has gone through a series of changes - from a women’s welfare association during the colonial times, to a wing of a political  party and finally an independent NGO. Just as Kenya has experienced political and social  transition since the historic general elections of2002, MYWO has gone through its own identity crisis. Because of its sheer size and a  multiplicity  of  interests,  sometimes  in  diametric  opposition,  MYWO  has  gone through  difficult times,  which  is  characteristic  of  such  a  large  organization  in  a dynamic environment.

MYWO  has  also  registered  unprecedented  levels  of  success,  all  challenges notwithstanding,  in reaching out to the women of Kenya and providing a forum through which  they  have   been  able  to  mobilize  and  empower  themselves economically  and  politically.  Institutional  development  processes,  including  the development of this strategic plan, have been conducted so that MYWO can become a modern, relevant organization that will meet the needs of the women of Kenya in new innovative ways.

Over the next five years (2010-2015), MYWO seeks to:

  • Develop a strong, modern and well governed national women’s  civil society institution in order to enhance the ability to deliver programmes sustainably;
  • Mainstream women in economic development processes at national and local levels;
  • Enhance  the  role  of  women  in  leadership  and  public policy processes; and,
  • Enhance national cohesion and peace through proactive intervention at local and national levels. 


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